La Foglia D'Oro

​"OCCHIO" is the Italian word for "Eye." For this collection, the glass artisans in Murano envelop dense colored glass in a translucent glass layer. As the bead is formed into an oval shape, the center layer emerges as an iris, creating a focal point for the silver setting. 

Our Collections


Our sophisticated "BLACK" Collection features opaque black Murano glass beads. Each artisanal bead is hand worked at the flame, formed into a flat oval shape, and bathed in an acid solution to render a matte finish. The resulting creation evokes river-worn stone, but with a mysterious black depth. 


The "UNITE" Collection features a unique Murano glass bead that fuses color with a gold leaf: "la Foglia d'Oro". In Italian the name is a play on words; "Lego" literally is "I unite", as in idea and form, and also conveys an homage to the simple building blocks of color and geometric shapes.